A Korean Government Representation visits ENAC to learn about the accreditation system in the ecological agriculture field

7 July 2017 Corporative

The Korean Government's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs put NAQS (national agricultural products quality management service) in charge until the date of the ecological production inspection, to make a study with the purpose of setting up an accreditation system in Korea for certification in the organic farming field.

To do this, it is gathering information on good practices from accreditation bodies around the world, including Accredia in Italy, RVA in Netherlands, International Organic Accreditation Service - IOAS-in the United States and a visit to ENAC at the beginning of July.

On 5th July, the members of the South Korean delegation accompanied by ENAC visited an accredited certification body and a certified operator. The next day, the NAQS team was received in ENAC’s offices by the General Management and the Agri-Food Department's technical team taking questions about the accreditation system

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