The Spanish Directorate-General of Traffic relies on ENAC-accredited inspection for supervising its collaborating training centres

19 June 2019 Industries

ENAC and the Spanish Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) have presented the new accreditation scheme for DGT collaborating training centre inspection, which includes requirements for auditing, inspecting and controlling the following centres and courses:

  • Individual drivers or driving schools, numbering 9,000 centres where citizens come to obtain different driving licences.
  • Courses for motorcycle driving licences (class A), not requiring further examination. For this reason, it is more important to inspect and ensure that the training meets the requirements established by the administration. In 2018, about 17,000 such courses were offered.
  • Retraining courses to recover points or driving licences, totalling 6.670 in 2018.
  • Transporting dangerous goods courses and centres, specific courses to obtain this authorization, over 7,000 in 2018.

Also, this scheme is expected to soon be extended to safety driving course certification and control. This new accreditation scheme provides, in addition to improving DGT operational control of training centres, an opportunity for driving school students, who will receive training in centres inspected by a body with proven technical competence to an independent third party, ENAC.

On the scheme's presentation day, Pere Navarro, DGT General Manager, assured that with this scheme's launch, "we started a form of work that we believe to be essential for the future of the DGT. We design, we draw up and we regulate driver training, but we must ensure compliance with these standards. Hence, the public-private partnership with ENAC was born".

For her part, Beatriz Rivera, ENAC General Manager said, "the aim of this collaboration is to generate confidence in results and reports issued by inspection bodies collaborating with the DGT".

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